We guarantee that you’ll never have to lift a finger. At Pro Counters, we take care of the whole process from start to finish. All you want to do when you get home is relax, and we completely understand that.

Leave it to the professionals when it comes to counter installation. That way, we can guarantee that everything is absolutely perfect every time and that your only job will be to enjoy your new home design.

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3D Measureing


Whatever project we do for you, we always start with getting accurate measurements. Precision is the key at Pro Counters New England. When it comes to our customers, we ensure that every project exceeds your expectations from start to finish.

We will take all of the measurements to guarantee accuracy and alleviate the responsibility on your end. We provide all of the tools necessary to take proper measurements, and we will also offer to-scale models for our team that fabricates all of our products.

Our measurement services include countertop, fireplace, and vanity measurement. These also include wall-to-wall measurement of your kitchen or bathroom and any customized countertop area. We make sure to capture every detail to send off for fabrication. This guarantees that we design your new installation to fit perfectly into your home.

3D Measureing


After we complete the measurements, we will consult with you to ensure everyone is on the same page for the next step of the project. We won’t start until we know that you understand what is going on and are fully on board with the project. Once you approve our template, we offer you a slab view so that you can choose your favorite stone and check on the approval status. You can go to the Pro Counters New England shop to check this out. We have quartz, marble, and granite stone available for your projects.

Pro Counters NE also offers two different types of edges at no extra charge so that you can really customize the look of your installation to match your needs and personality. We have eased edges, which many people also refer to as a “softened square” edge. These are a more rounded square edge that are aesthetically pleasing and safe for all family members. Our other option is the ¼ bevel, which is partially flat to allow any spills to slide off the edge. These are great for visual appeal as well as function, and they are very easy to clean. We do have a variety of other edge options available at special prices as well.

Once you have selected all of your design options and given us the final approval, we will move on with fabricating your customized countertop. We will give you more information on an exact timeline when you meet with us, but we aim to get all projects done as quickly as possible for your convenience.

Granite Fabrication


Once your piece is complete, our team of professional installers will schedule a time to complete the installation. We will bring your countertop, vanity, or fireplace ready for installation along with any extra materials needed. We have gathered a team of highly-skilled, trustworthy professionals with many years of experience in the field.

We’ll ensure that the installation is completed on time, but we refuse to cut corners. Our work is completed quickly but also at a much higher quality than our competitors. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. At the end of the installation, your house will feel revitalized, and it will be as if you have a brand new place to call home.

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